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Lujo hemorrhagic fever (LHF) is a viral disease accompanied with fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, arthralgia, myalgia and numerous signs of hemorrhagic syndrome. LHF causes a clinical syndrome remarkably similar to Lassa hemorrhagic fever. The first case of LHF occurred in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2008. There was a secondary transmission from the index patient to four healthcare workers. Four of the five patients died. The etiologic agent of LHF is Lujo virus (LUJV) belonging to Arenavirus genus of the Arenaviridae Family. Virus Lujo is the second pathogenic arenavirus, after Lassa virus, to be recognized in Africa during the last 40 years. Data about epidemiology, clinical characteristics and diagnostics of LHF, properties of Lujo virus (according to phylogenetic analysis), and recommended precautions for preventing secondary transmission are considered in this paper.

About the authors

T. E. Sizikova

48th Central Scientific Research Institute

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

V. N. Lebedev

48th Central Scientific Research Institute

Russian Federation

S. I. Syromyatnikova

48th Central Scientific Research Institute

Russian Federation

S. V. Borisevich

48th Central Scientific Research Institute

Russian Federation


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